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Richard is signed to literary agent Watson Little
Audiobook (narrated by Richard)
is available published by W F Howes, and available on Audible
Richard's US edition of his book
is out now!
by Sourcebooks, Illinois

"How can a book about sound, vibration and frequency be so enthralling, entertaining and informative. Once you start reading this utterly fascinating book it is nigh on impossible to put it down."

Dame Evelyn Glennie (solo percussionist)

"You'll never listen to the world the same way again. A truly ear-opening experience!"

Chris Ferrie (Award-winning physicist and author)

"Truly an eye-opener, rewarding you with many 'Oh my god I never knew that' moments"

Steve Levine (Award-winning music producer and songwriter)

"Mainwaring's extraordinary clear and concise science writing...this is infotainment at its most charming and lightweight..."

The Spectator

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