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Richard hails from an incredibly musical area, Swansea in South Wales.  Classically trained as a violinist and viola player, Richard is an experienced and versatile multi-instrumentalist, as well as composer, broadcaster & author.

Richard's parents always said "Stick with music, son, you'll never know where it will take you!"  It's taken Richard all over Europe and the USA as a performer, into TV as a composer and presenter, and beyond into book-writing, radio and voice-over work. Richard is also an experienced music educator, having taught in UK state and independent schools as a Director of Music.

However, throughout his musical career so far, Richard's philosophy has remained unchanged. The ultimate reward in music is what one gives to others....if the audience is happy, then job done!

As a multi-instrumentalist, Richard loves the diversity of his performing career. He regularly performs with orchestras as a violinist and violist (from Phantom of the Opera to Camerata Wales), as well as recording tracked string sections for Resonate Studios, Shabbey Road Studio, and his own projects. He has performed with a diverse range of artists including Larry Adler, Karl Jenkins, Cerys Matthews, Hugh Laurie, Eartha Kitt, Hayley Westenra and Only Men Aloud.  He plays drums with rock band BLT, and can often be heard on French Horn, trumpet, vocals and bass guitar on his own compositions (not at the same time!).  Richard is an experienced studio engineer/producer, working from his own studio outside Bath. He gained a Masters Degree in Creative Music Technology in 2008, as well as a BA(Hons), PGCE, and ALCM many moons ago! 

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